How to make cymbals with sylenth1

How to make cymbals with sylenth1

For this months how to tutorial, I have again used the highly popular ultra versatile synth Sylenth1 from Lennar Digital. I have taken it upon myself to create some techno cymbals that will add that sparkle and shine to any dull production.

The sound in “How to make cymbals with sylenth1” can be highly modified to help set a variety of different cymbal sounds by just modulating two parameters.


The drums from the how to video are from Spf Samplers Deep Tech House sample pack.


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Sylenth1 Deep & Tech Presets 2 is now on sale for 25% off.

waveform recordings deep & tech sylenth1 presets

Get this chart topping presets pack for a fraction of the original price. Sylenth1 Deep & Tech Presets 2 is full of deep, dark and dirty Sylenth1 presets custom-built for tech house, deep house and techno productions, featuring 200 precision-programmed bass, leads, keys, pad, FX, arpeggios, & synths plus 88 Midi files for melodic inspiration.

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Sylenth1 Deep & Tech Presets Preview 1

Heres a preview of the new SYLENTH1 DEEP & TECH PRESETS pack that will be out next week.

Exclusive to Beatport and Sounds to Sample.

Sylenth1 Deep & Tech Presets is a sylenth1 preset pack full of techno stabs, lush organic keys and bouncy deep bass presets. Sylenth1 Deep & Tech Presets gives you every thing you need to create deep underground techno, deep tech, techno, tech house, minimal and underground house.

Sylenth1 Deep & Tech Presets includes 108 presets. All the presets in Sylenth1 Deep & Tech Presets are organized into banks to allow you to maintain your work flow. The banks are split up by Arp & Sequences, Bass, Extras, (Drums and Effects), Keys and Synths.

Also for added creative control there is 39 customizable midi files. Included are bass, keys and synths midi files. These are a nice compliment to the presets they are customized for.

Sylenth1 Deep & Tech Presets only includes sylenth1 presets and midi files. Note that the tops of in the demo come from Spf Samplers Deep Tech House sample pack (thou all the kicks are from Sylenth1 Deep & Tech Presets) .

The collection is compatible with all versions of Sylenth1 v2.02 and higher (PC and Mac).

How to… Make a Dub Tech Stab with Sylenth1

How to… Make a Dub Tech Stab in Sylenth1

Our goal here is to make a dub tech stab with sylenth1 and only sylenth1. Over the past few years the dub tech stab is being heard more and more in the underground house and techno scene. So i thought it was about time to make a how to video on how to make a dub tech stab with my favorite soft synth sylenth1.

All the drums in the “How to… Make a Dub Tech Stab in Sylenth1” video come from Spf Samplers Deep Tech House sample pack

Deep Minimal Sylenth1 Presets

Exclusive to Beatport and Sounds to Sample.

Spf Samplers presents “Deep Minimal Sylenth1 Presets” which encompasses an underground minimalistic sound that is custom built for techno, minimal, deep tech and tech house. Whether you’re looking for bouncy bass sounds or quirky analog style synth lines, Deep Minimal is certain to fit your needs.

Inspiration for “Deep Minimal Sylenth1 Presets” has been taken from all aspect of the Techno and Minimal scene, including artists such as John Tejada, Maetrik, Deepchord,  WAX (Shed), Henrik Schwarz and labels such as Ostgut Ton, Innervisions and Kompakt.

Deep Minimal Sylenth1 Presets includes 200+ Sylenth1 presets.  The pack is organized into folders which include 26 Arp n Seq, 28 Bass, 28 FX, 27 Keys, 26 Lead, 26 Pad 26 Synths and 26 Extras, including claps, hi-hats and wide range of weird percussion sounds. All the presets are split up into banks to help your workflow.

Also included are 128 midi files, filled with funky basslines, deep keys and lush lead riffs. This really gives you full flexibility over the loop, allowing you to change the key tempo and velocity. So simply load up a preset in Sylenth1, drop in the midi and you’re ready to start creating a master piece.

Please note, the drums featured in the demo are not in the sample pack, this sample pack contains only Sylenth1 Presets. All the drums included in the demo are from Spf Samplers Organic Minimal House.

The collection is compatible with all versions of Sylenth1 v2.02 and higher (PC and Mac).

The presets are designed by: Kaap de Goede Hoop [KDGH]

Zenhiser Sylenth Underground Techno

Zenhiser Sylenth Underground Techno

Delving deep into the underground techno sound this preset pack from Zenhiser delivers a master hub of uber cool techno patches for your Sylenth synth. Until now the sub genre styles of presets have always been somewhat limited but we’re doing something about that. 100 brand new Sylenth presets that encompass the deeper, darker and downright pulsating underground techno sound. Each techno preset style is separated into folders so you get rumbling baseline sounds, cutting edge arps & sequences,  full on floor shaking synths, truly dynamic pad patches and mind altering fx presets just where you want them. To keep everything in line we’ve also supplied the patches in both individual Sylenth presets and individual banks by style.


So that all sounds pretty tasty right, well check this out, not only do you get 100 Sylenth Underground Techno presets but also 60 audio loops of insane basslines, synth lines and arp sequences. All these underground techno loops have been designed exclusively to compliment the Sylenth presets so with this killer pack from Zenhiser your techno arsenal has jumped to a whole new level. Want some more, thought you might, we’re also supplying all the midi files for the bass and synth parts so you can use these straight out the box, amend the one’s you like or just use them to get the basic rhythm of your track!


Honestly if you into your Techno this sample and preset pack is a no brainer, it will probably be the best music purchase of your year.


So here’s what’s in the pack:


  • Presets – Arp & Seq – 20
  • Presets – Bass – 20
  • Presets – FX – 20
  • Presets – Pad – 20
  • Presets – Synth – 20

(all these are combined into banks as well)

  • Wav Loops – Arp & Seq – 20
  • Wav Loops – Bass – 20
  • Wav Loops – Synth – 21
  • Midi Files – Bass – 20
  • Midi Files – Synth – 20



As we always say with Zenhiser packs, simply listen to the audio preview, we’re sure this is all you’ll need to grab this preset pack.


Please Note: The audio preview for ‘Sylenth Underground Techno’ contains drum loops that are not within this preset pack. Please check out our drum loops section for tasty drum loops like these.

Zenhiser Sylenth Underground Techno can be bought via

Zenhisers home page

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Waveform Recordings_Sylenth1 Deep & Tech Presets

Deep, dark and dirty Sylenth1 presets custom-built for house, techno and minimal productions, featuring 200 precision-programmed lead, bass, keys, pad, FX and arpeggios, plus Midi files for melodic inspiration.

After being inundated with requests Waveform deliver their first Sylenth preset collection: a finely-tuned collection of deep and tech synthery honed to capture the vibe of the tougher peak-time dancefloors as well as the deeper after-hours arenas.

Packed with 27 Arps/Seqs, 36 Bass, 31 FX, 24 Keys, 23 Leads, 20 Pads and 39 Synths all divided into 8 separate banks for easy navigation, the collection caters to all your Sylenth needs with fat, deep and detailed sounds to rival those in professional productions.

For added creative control there’s 93 customisable Midi files sud-divided into folders of Bass, Keys, Leads, Pads and Synths – just fire up the sound of your choice and roll.