How to Make Deep House Pads with Massive



Pads can really help add the glue that holds tracks together. Here I show you how to create a deep house pad that can add warmth and texture to your productions.


All the drums in the “How to… Make a Deep House Pad with Masive ” video comes from Spf Samplers Tech House Samples sample pack that will be released on October the 23rd.


And if you like this synth sound why not try Spf Samplers preset pack “ Massive Deep House Presets”.



Massive Deep House Presets 1

massive deep house presets

Massive Deep House Presets is everything you need to create lush, mellow deep house tracks that will bring everyone rushing to the dance floor. In the preset pack are 108 massive presets and 50 midi loops, which fit harmoniously with the massive presets allow you a huge about of creative control.

Massive Deep House Presets perfectly utilizes native instruments massive macros that allows you to manipulate and morph each sound in to several more.

Massive Deep House Presets is perfect for anyone looking to get into the hottest genre of the last few years. The pack includes everything you need to get your Deep House, Tech House or House tracks underway.

Included in Massive Deep House Presets are 12 Arp presets, 22 Bass presets, 13 Extras (Drums & FX presets), 20 Synth presets, 22 Keys presets, 18 Pad presets. Also included are 50 midi loops.


Please note that in the demo are a few of the tops that come from our Deep House 2 sample pack.


Massive Techno Presets

We’re covering all the main genres with our NI Massive presets and until now Techno is one genre that desperately needed an obliterating array of uber cool presets. With that in mind we locked our techno producer in the studio, stocked him up with Ramen noodles for a month, two pairs of his tech geek glasses and an online subscription to Music Tech Magazine. One month later and two amazing things were created in that studio, a superbly manicured sailor beard (which we didn’t expect) and 100 Techno presets that simply blew us away (which we expected).

So what is so cool about these techno presets you ask, well since you probably haven’t listened to the preview yet we will try to explain. To put it simply, they are different, really different and that’s a great thing. It’s a collection of techno sounds you just couldn’t find before, they’re deep, grimy, plunky, warped, mesmerising and as fresh as a spring’s morning, which means you’ve got your hands on a serious piece of kit to breath new life into your Techno, Minimal Tech & Tech House productions. Simply load any of the Zenhiser massive techno presets and within seconds you’ve got a unique techno sound that would take hours to create, and that’s if you’ve got the knowledge for synth preset design. This is what Zenhiser is all about, we deliver music production tools to aid your music productions and if you’re a techno producer then we’ve just blasted you to the forefront of the Techno elite.

Let’s look at the facts, you’re a producer, you need some new presets to bring your version of Native Instrument’s back to life, you know Zenhiser products are going to be shit hot and you’re still reading this. Come on, stop faffing, start listening and hit the buy button, it’s the best purchase you’ll make today, guaranteed!

Still need to know what’s in Massive Techno Presets, well check this out:

Techno Arps & Sequences – 20
Techno Bass – 20
Techno Drums – 20
Techno Keys – 20
Techno Synth – 20

There you go, awesome techno presets, great price, Zenhiser guaranteed, buy them.

Please note: These presets require V1.3 or higher of Native Instruments Massive Synth to work.

Massive Techno Presets 1 Video

Massive Techno Presets 1 uses Native Instruments industry standard and best loved soft synth Massive to sculpt 5 techno ready presets.

Massive Techno Presets 1 contains a selection of 5 presets, 2 drum, 1 bass and 2 synth presets that are perfectly suited for techno, electro tech, minimal, deep tech and tech house. Each preset is highly customizable via Massive’s macros.

So if your stuck with your productions and are looking for some techno presets that can get the juices flown. Then this freebie techno sample pack is for you.

Massive Dubstep Presets Review by How to Make Electronic Music

Review from How to Make Electronic Music of Spf Samplers Massive Dubstep Prestes

First of all, the sounds are designed by Oscar Pablos aka “Ojah”. I have not heard of this engineer before, but after quickly listening some of the patches, it was clear that Oscar knows how to treat Massive.

So, let’s have a closer look what’s included in the package.

As I already mentioned, the pack holds a total of 200+ patches and they have been organized into seven folders:

  • ARP & SEQ contains 26 arpeggios and sequences
  • BASS folder holds 51 bass sounds
  • FX has 26 sound effects
  • KEYS includes 26 keyboard-ish sounds
  • LEAD folder contains 26 lead sounds
  • PAD has 26 pad sounds
  • SYNTHS holds 26 synth sounds

Each preset has 8 fully functional Macro controls so you can quickly and easily change the tone of the sound.

There’s also 100 MIDI files included (divided into folders as well) and they contain short sequences / riffs which you can import to your DAW and use i.e. as a source of inspiration for your own musical phrases. Each MIDI file is named after the patch it is composed for.

So how does the presets sound? Are they suitable for such style as Dubstep?

To put it shortly – I like majority of them and yes, IMO they fit perfectly for Dubstep and many other genres as well (DnB comes first to my mind).

The “ARP & SEQ” patches are a quick way to build interesting, melodic rhythmic beds to i.e. support the drum section of a track. There’s some really quirky (quirky in a GOOD way) and crispy sequences.

“BASS” presets are fantastic! Lot’s of powerful, nasty, raw sounds with plenty of sub tones and filter modulation madness. Bass is very important in Dubstep and these can easily meet the requirements for creating a monstrous bassline. This folder contained my favourite set of patches.

“FX” has a great selection of uplifters, downlifters and other special sound effects that are required for making efficient build ups /drops.

For the need of those mellow Wurlitzer style riffs and organ melodies, “KEYS” has couple of real gems. I didn’t like all of the patches in this section though, but that’s just purely a matter of taste and what kind of sound one is after for (I’m a fan of keys with a more softer tone). Of course, any of these patches can be tweaked further to meet everyone’s requirement so it’s not an issue.

The “LEAD” patches contains couple of really slashing leads which’ll easily ‘drill through the mix’ if such thing can be said.

The pads in the “PAD” section are more on the edgier side – they are not so much of those lush & warm -type of carpets, but should fit well for Dubstep though.

Presets in the “SYNTHS” folder kind of continues on the same route as the “LEADS”, but with a more of like sound effect -style character.

All in all, the ”Massive Dubstep Presets” is a pretty nice collection of Dubstep patches and they should keep you creative for quite some time! Personally, I’m finding most use for the bass patches.

Well done, Spunkface and Oscar! 8-)