Techno Drum Loops

Techno Drum loops consist of 5 drum loops (with top variations which makes 10 loops in total) full of analog kicks, claps, hihats, percussion and snares which is perfect for creating top quality techno productions.

Even thou Techno Drum Loops are designed for techno you can easily mould and manipulate the samples to work with any number of genres including Deep House, Tech House, Minimal and many more.

Please note the bass, synth and effects loops come from Spf Samplers Analogue Techno Synths 2 sample pack.

Download Here

Producer Essentials Minimal Techno

Producer Essentials Minimal Techno Contains three of Spf Samplers top selling Minimal Techno sample packs. This mammoth sample pack includes Funky Minimal, Minimal Tech Beats and Underground Funky Minimal.

Also included in producer essentials minimal techno sample pack is a bonus pack of massive presets, sylenth1 presets, moog minitaur loops, midi loops and some well sculpted drum hits.

Overall Producer Essentials Minimal Techno contains 1.38GB of loops, hits and presets. With this sample pack at your arsenal you will be producing minimal hits in no time.

There is a vast array of sounds in this minimal techno sample pack, overall there are 928 loops 697 hits, 48 presets and 22 midi loops. So you have a extensive range of sounds to work from.

Massive Techno Presets 1

Massive Techno Presets 1 uses Native Instruments industry standard and best loved soft synth Massive to sculpt 5 techno ready presets.

Massive Techno Presets 1 contains a selection of 5 presets, 2 drum, 1 bass and 2 synth presets that are perfectly suited for techno, electro tech, minimal, deep tech and tech house. Each preset is highly customizable via Massive’s macros.

So if your stuck with your productions and are looking for some techno presets that can get the juices flown. Then this freebie techno sample pack is for you.

Note not all the samples in the Massive Techno Presets 1 demo are contained in the pack, the other samples come from Spf Samplers Deep Tech sample pack.

The newest version of Native Instruments Massive (1.3) will be needed for Massive Techno Presets 1 to work.


Download Here.

Kaap De Goede Hoop Q&A

Q&A with Kaap De Goede Hoop

Kaap de Goede Hoop Promo Pic

On the back of Kaap De Goede Hoop (roughly translated as “Keep the Good Hope”) new release on Spf Samplers “Deep Minimal Sylenth1 Presets”,  we decided to get a further insight to see what makes the boys tick.

Q: When creating a track, do you prefer to use loops or single hits?

A: Both… But at right now we mostly use loops. Out of the loops we cut the elements that we like. Most of the time that’ll be 1 or maybe 2 elements. The loops help us to hear a particular sound in a context, sometimes it’s harder to hear the potential in a single shot.

The usage of a loop is more for inspiration for when we start a track. And once we have the idea down, then we’ll end up replacing the loop with single shots.

Q: What process do you go through when making a track? Do you start with the drums or synth sounds?

A: No particular order… what happens, happens. Just try to keep that “chemical reaction” of inspiration. So when you make a sound, you already get inspired for the next sound. In that case you always know what to do and don’t get stuck. And if you do get stuck…. it’s probably the wake up call to arrange your track. And if you still get stuck, go drastic. There’s a reason why there’s a “save as…” option in your daw.

Q: Do you use analogue or digital software, or a mix of both? Do you feel analogue makes a difference, and why?

A: We use both, everything has it’s purpose in the studio. When we have the feeling to use the Roland Space Echo 301, then we will. If a software delay can also do the trick, then why bother? The analogue stuff we have are quite characteristic, so we know when and why to use them. Sometimes people are asking us how to get that really old school kind of sound. What VST’s we use or how to EQ/compress. The only thing we say is : buy an Akai S950. Everything you put in there will get out straight old school, there’s a reason for that, probably your favorite artist with that old school sound has used an akai s950. Or maybe an MPC. If you want to have the sound of that age, go look for the machines of that age. In that way you’ll get ‘that’ sound.

So yeah, analogue makes a difference with digital. But everything has it’s sound. And you won’t get rid of it’s sound. If you want a moog kinda bassline, stop trying to do that on a korg. You probably will get close, but it won’t be “it”

Q: If you could have any piece of music equipment what would it be and why?

A: A nice polyphonic analogue synth, something like the Korg Mono/Poly. Cause we don’t have any yet!

Q: How would you describe your style?

A: Conscious produced

Q: Do you have any release coming up? what labels? what style?

A: Early 2013 there’ll be 2 releases coming up. A release on GEM Records, the imprint of Secret Cinema. And a release on Chameleon Recordings, the imprint of Steve Ward. The styles of the Ep’s are mostly Tech-House

To us the GEM release has a special track. It’s a analogue/digital jam we did with 2 other guys. It’s a track of 13 minutes and everything is improvised. It’s really edgy and far away from perfect as in production, but it’s alive! We know other people do the same in Ableton, but imagine you only have a 2 track left when you’ve recorded it. Editing is not really an option anymore.

The Chameleon EP is more like a crafted one. We spent quite some time on the sound of the tracks and that’s what we also like to do. A mix down can tell a story of it’s own in our opinion. Though there is 1 track on the EP that’s also an analogue jam! It’s more of an Electronica track and really dubby!


Q: How did you get started in making music?

A: Bobby started pretty early. In his teens he got hit by Hardstyle music. A typical dutch music style that’s spreading over the world right now. After listening some CD’s in his teens, he came to a point he wanted to create that kinda music on it’s own. As the years passed by his taste in music developed and changed. Now he’s more interested in the down tempo Detroit sound (J Dilla, Motown, etc.) and the dubby Berlin sound (Maurizio, Wax, etc.).

Robbert started with playing the guitar on an age of 8. 7 years later he wanted to start a band, but nobody near him was making music or playing an instrument, so he started out producing music. It was mostly Breakbeat/Triphop kinda music. Musical taste and vision developed and now he’s more into the dancefloor and ambient stuff.

Q: where did your inspiration come for the pack ? was there a certain direction you where going in with it?

A: It was the challenge to get really deep into the Sylenth1. Most of the sounds we’ve heard of the synth were pretty basic in our opinion. We thought there must be a bigger palette of sounds in that thing. And yes there is more then you hear lately. Because of this preset pack we know 99% how the Sylenth works.

The discovery of the sylenth1 came with a lot of sounds. Like you can make some really modular inspired sounds, though the synth doesn’t really look like a modular synth. Next to that we thought it would be fun to help out the starting producers a bit by making certain popular sounds of nowadays. Like the Crosstown rebels kinda basslines or the Kompakt kinda pads. Also we made some sounds that are really basic but nice to have like the ‘Shower’-preset. It’s a basic decaying white noise, but you can still tweak a lot on it. So you don’t have to find the best white noise out of all the other sample packs.

Q: If you could of made any track through out time what track would it be and why?

A: No idea actually…. but let’s go with Brian Eno – Music for Airports 1/1 for now. It’s a beautiful piece of music. It really represents a lot of feelings. It almost seems that the music adepts to your feelings at that specific moment. That might be the true power of the tune.

Q: You have used Sylenth1 to design this preset pack, why did you choice this synth? and is there any other synths you like to use?

A: It was a good challenge to get real deep into this synthesizer. It’s a really good tool, but it has it’s limits. A pretty basic synth with a lot of potential to good sounds. If the sylenth is too limited then we use the U-HE Z3bra. A real beast!!

Q: When making music do you have any special rituals ? Do you need any special drinks or food ?

A: A nice cup of tea and Facebook unfortunately.

Q: And finally on a lighter note, if you could be any animals which one would you be and why?

A: A dik-dik… woman love dik-dik’s.

LOL And before anyone gets any ideas this is a dik dik.


If you have liked what you have read why not check out Kaap de Goede Hoop work via their home page and their facebook.


Deep Minimal Sylenth1 Presets

Exclusive to Beatport and Sounds to Sample.

Spf Samplers presents “Deep Minimal Sylenth1 Presets” which encompasses an underground minimalistic sound that is custom built for techno, minimal, deep tech and tech house. Whether you’re looking for bouncy bass sounds or quirky analog style synth lines, Deep Minimal is certain to fit your needs.

Inspiration for “Deep Minimal Sylenth1 Presets” has been taken from all aspect of the Techno and Minimal scene, including artists such as John Tejada, Maetrik, Deepchord,  WAX (Shed), Henrik Schwarz and labels such as Ostgut Ton, Innervisions and Kompakt.

Deep Minimal Sylenth1 Presets includes 200+ Sylenth1 presets.  The pack is organized into folders which include 26 Arp n Seq, 28 Bass, 28 FX, 27 Keys, 26 Lead, 26 Pad 26 Synths and 26 Extras, including claps, hi-hats and wide range of weird percussion sounds. All the presets are split up into banks to help your workflow.

Also included are 128 midi files, filled with funky basslines, deep keys and lush lead riffs. This really gives you full flexibility over the loop, allowing you to change the key tempo and velocity. So simply load up a preset in Sylenth1, drop in the midi and you’re ready to start creating a master piece.

Please note, the drums featured in the demo are not in the sample pack, this sample pack contains only Sylenth1 Presets. All the drums included in the demo are from Spf Samplers Organic Minimal House.

The collection is compatible with all versions of Sylenth1 v2.02 and higher (PC and Mac).

The presets are designed by: Kaap de Goede Hoop [KDGH]

Deep Minimal Sylenth1 Presets Free Pack

Spf Samplers Deep Minimal Sylenth1 Presets

Here is your free sound pack for spf samplers up and coming release “Deep Minimal Sylenth1 Presets”.

This will give you a small insight into what is about to come. The Pack Includes a further 200 presets inspired by all aspect of the Techno and Minimal , including artists such as John Tejada, Maetrik, Deepchord,  WAX (Shed), Henrik Schwarz and labels such as Ostgut Ton, Innervisions and Kompakt.”

Download the free pack here.

The full pack of “Deep Minimal Sylenth1 Presets” will be available on friday the 26th of October.

SPF Samplers on Sounds.Beatport


spf samplers sample packs and preset packs on sounds beatport

Spf Samplers on Beatport

All of Spf Samplers sample packs and preset packs are now up on sounds.beatport. So now you can buy your sample packs at the same time as your tunes for double the inspiration.

Here i a quick list of all Spf Samplers sample packs and preset packs:

Massive Dubstep Presets

Deep Tech House

Sylenth1 Techno Presets


Organic Funky Minimal

Rough and Raw Dubstep

Grooving Tech House

Funky Minimal

Tech Perc Hits

Deep House

Underground Funky Minimal

Mnml Tech Drums

It should be noted that all Spf Samplers sample packs and preset packs are still available via Sounds to Sample.


Zenhiser_Sylenth Minimal Tech

The second synth to get the Zenhiser treatment is Lennar Digital’s Sylenth, an epic synth with incredible sound and clarity. ‘Sylenth Minimal Tech’ takes over where Lennar Digital left off and delivers an amazing aray of minimal tech presets and banks. With just over 100 presets encapsulating the deeper and more eclectic sound of minimal tech, these Sylenth presets come into a world of their own. Supplied in both preset form and via banks as well means these presets are super easy to use and load. If you’re into the minimal tech, tech house, underground tech or even techno then these sylenth presets from Zenhiser will suit your productions and remixes perfectly. Think that’s all you’re going to get in the pack, we check this out, ‘Sylenth Minimal Tech’ also contains 115 music loops including, arps, basslines, fx, synth loops and sequences, all with key information and bpm tagged in the filenames. And how about this, we’ve also thrown in the midi files for these parts so you can alter, manipulate or re-design the loops within minutes to give your productions the unique sound you want.

‘Sylenth Minimal Tech’ weighs in a just over 283mb uncompressed and all audio loops are 100% 24 bit wav goodness for ease of use and easy compatibility. So if your into the minimal tech genre and need to both develop your sound and gain access to some of the highest quality samples and loops then this sample pack / preset pack is for you. Hey, check out the preview and you’ll know what we are talking about, this will lift your music productions to a whole new level! Trust Us!

Please Note: The audio preview for ‘Sylenth Minimal Tech’ contains drum loops that are not within this sample pack. Please check out our Studio Essentials – Minimal Tech for drum loops and beats like these.

All audio files within this sample pack are 44.1 khz 24 bit wav files.

As with all the latest Zenhiser sample packs audio samples are bpm tagged and key information added to the filename (where applicable) for ease of use and speedy compatibility.


Zenhiser Studio Essentials – Techno

Deep, driving and percussive techno sounds push this addition of the Studio Essentials series to whole new levels. A massive array of techno samples and loops ready to use and abuse within minutes of your purchase and with no holes barred in quality this is a must for anyone involved in the Techno revolution. The attention to detail and sound quality of these techno sounds is second to none and with clinical perfection you have the pinnacle in pro audio loops, hits, fx, basslines, beats, sequences, drum sounds and much more.

Combining both underground techno and minimal tech sound has crafted a new techno monster that will deliver whatever your techno sub genre. In total this sample pack pushes in over 1100 techno sounds, samples and loops which means from the word go you have a big library of techno sounds to be used instantly and deliver both inspiration and fully fledged song parts. With everything custom built as well including techno beats and drum sounds, basslines and bass hits, synth loops and synth hits you have the option to use as much or as little programming skills as you require, now you can see just how good the Studio Essentials series really is. And as with all in this series, these techno samples are 24bit wav files with both key information and bpm added to the filename for instant use.

“Studio Essentials – Techno” weighs in at a massive 1153 samples and loops totalling just over 800mb in size. So what’s in the sample pack I hear you say, well check this out:

Bass Hits – 56 samples
Basslines – 75 loops
Drum Beats – 175 loops
Drum Beats (Tops) 230 loops
Drums – Kicks – 61 samples
Drums – Hi Hats – 48 samples
Drums – Claps – 39 samples
Drums – Snares – 33 samples
Drums – Glitches – 72 samples
Drums – Percussion – 100 samples
FX Loops – 66 samples
Synth Hits – 57 samples
Synth Loops – 77 samples
Sequences – 64

This Studio Essentials pack is a must for all serious Techno producers looking to delve into the the techno sound or just add to their sample library.

All audio files within this sample pack are 44.1 khz 24 bit wav files.

As with all the latest Zenhiser sample packs, audio samples are bpm tagged and key information added to the filename (where applicable) for ease of use and speedy compatibility.


Organic Minimal House Samples

Organic Minimal House Samples features deep, mellow keys which are seamlessly merged with organic melodic loops and heavy house beats creating a well defined unique Organic House sample pack.

Organic Minimal House Samples gives you everything you want from a house sample pack with that little bit extra thrown in for good measure. It really gives you that true analogue warmth and vintages textures that ever track craves.

Totaling 434 (404mb unzipped) loops and hits, Organic Minimal House Samples delivers the all-important tools needed to produce the underground house sound.


What’s in this collection?

Beat Loops- 108 organically lush beats that get you in the groove right from the start, with clap, cymbal and percussion variations, perfect for organic house.

Bass Loops- 25 sub heavy bass loop that will shake any dancefloor

Combined- 25 loops sculpted to be slotted into any production or set. Each loop will give you a instant flavour.

Melodic- filled with deep chords, quirky synth lines and outlandish keys. Totally 23 loops, this folder is sure to give you the inspiration you need.

SFX & Vocals-23 bizarre out of this world hits and loops. That can add that extra element to your tracks.

Drum Hits- 211 in total, 25 kicks, 25 Snare/claps, 34 Hihats, 81 percussion hits, 25 Bass Hits, 21 Melodic 25 FX one shots. This huge amount of one shots allows you to create your own beats from scratch.

All loops and tempo synced at 125BPM and are keyed where necessary. Each Loop and hit is recorded at 24bit Wav.