Design Media_Operator Minimal Pack


  • 133 minimal presets designed for operator
  • Grouped into 6 categories, Arp, Bass, Drum, FX, Seq and Synth
  • With the most efficient and useful macros
  • Designed for both the stage and the studio
  • Taking Advantage of all FM synthesis subtleties
  • Combine with some extreme FX chains to give you full power over your sound design possibilities
  • Usable out of the box with Ableton Live, Lite 8, Live 8, Suite 8 and plus Operator


Funky Minimal Samples

Funk Minimal is an exploration into the funkier world of minimal house and techno. The minimal sample pack is packed with quirky synths, abnormal percussion, funked-imbued drum loops and much more.

Each loop and hit from the funky minimal sample pack is finely honed to ensure it’s stuffed with silky, stripped-back funk – loaded with intricate grooves that have enough space to breathe and layer seamlessly.

This Funky Minimal sample pack is totalling over 600 loops and hits, the collection represents the current sound of the minimal dancefloor – optimised to funk up any club in an instant.


What’s in the collection?

  • Beat loops > 246 big, chunky and funky drum workouts – offered with kick-free and stripped alternatives.
  • Bass loops > 52 deep, bouncy basslines for big-room bottom-end.
  • Synth loops > 60 twisted robotic synth lines for subtle leadline funk.
  • FX loops > 32 tempo-chained loops to and depth and detail to the stalest of mixes.
  • One-shots > 221 hits of 24 kicks, 36 snare/claps, 39 hi-hats and crashes, 57 percussion hits, 21 bass hits, 13 synth hits and 23 FX shot.


Zenhiser_Studio Essentials_Minimal Tech

Sometimes you just need a sample pack that will cover your genre, give you synth loops and basslines for quick inspiration, a large drum beat database, all the drum sounds you need to create your own beats, bass hits for instant bottom end goodness, an fx folder and synth hits for quick use and the creative flair. Welcome to “Studio Essentials” from Zenhiser.

Minimal & Minimal Tech is a certain type of sound that is hard to learn, you’ve got to be lighter on your sounds than full on dance productions, deliver intrinsic basslines, never be too hooky with your synths and always add a little less than a little more. With that in mind we created “Studio Essentials – Minimal Tech”, a perfect snapshot of the current minimal tech sound created with extremely high end quality and detail as to give you the finest stock collection of Minimal and Minimal Tech for your studio. This Studio Essentials sample pack delivers all and much more for the serious tech head, but hey don’t take our word for it, check out just how good the preview is to know exactly what we’re talking about.

“Studio Essentials – Minimal Tech” weighs in at 741 samples and loops totalling just over 500mb in size. So what’s in the sample pack I hear you say, well check this out:

  • Bass Hits – 26 samples
  • Basslines – 54 loops
  • Drum Beats – 156 loops
  • Drum Beats (Tops) 116 loops
  • Drums – Kicks – 30 samples
  • Drums – Hi Hats – 32 samples
  • Drums – Claps – 29 samples
  • Drums – Snares – 27 samples
  • Drums – Percussion – 68 samples
  • Drums – FX – 44 samples
  • FX – 25 samples
  • FX Loops – 40 samples
  • Synth Hits – 29 samples
  • Synth Loops – 29 samples

This Studio Essentials pack is a must for all serious tech heads and minimal freaks looking to create and extend their studio library.

All audio files within this sample pack are 44.1 khz 24 bit wav files.

As with all the latest Zenhiser sample packs audio samples are bpm tagged and key information added to the filename (where applicable) for ease of use and speedy compatibility.


Grooving Tech House

Grooving tech house features rolling tech-house grooves, deep hits and delicious textures in this 900+MB collection of organic music loops, sub-soaked basslines and tribal-inspired beats.

Grooving Tech House is weighing in with over 500 loops of drums, music, bass, synths, vox, textures and FX, the collection contains all you need for your next deep or tech house bomb.

There’s also a huge selection of drum hits – including kicks, snares, hats, tribal percs and more – so you can create your own percussive grooves.


What’s in the collection?

  • Beat Loops > 283 rolling rhythms offered with stripped and kick-free alternatives.
  • Bass Loops > 25 subby basslines for chunky chest-rattling bottom-end power.
  • Music & Synth Loops > 55 crackling, vinyl-inspired music loops for instant inspiration.
  • Background Textures > 16 reworked and re-sequenced real-world looped ambiences for added depth and detail.
  • One-Shots > 144 hits comprising of 33 kicks, 25 snare/claps, 16 hats, 25 percussion hits, 14 bass hits, 19 misc hits and 25 FX shots.

All loops are presented as 24-bit Wav files and all loops are tempo-labeled at 125bpm for your ease.


Deep House Samples

Spf Samplers new sample pack Deep House Samples delves into the soulful world of deep house, serving up 400+MB of groove-filled beats, subby basslines, classic chords, lush vinyl-styled music loops, synths, drum hits and more.

Deep House Samples is totalling 444 24-bit Wav loops and one-shots, Deep House is a foray into the more organic shades of the genre with each sample laden with warmth and ambience.


What’s in the collection?

Beat Loops – 173 pumping groove-laced loops offered in full and kick-free variants for flexible drum programming.

Bass Loops – 26 deep and bouncy baselines packed with sub energy to carry any track.

Music Loops – 35 soul-infused loops with an unmistakable retro feel – fire up for instant classic house inspiration.

Synth Loops – 26 all-analogue synth lines and classic chord stab loops.

One Shots – 25 kicks, 27 clap/snares, 24 hi hats, 37 percussion hits, 26 bass hits, 25 synth shots and 20 FX one-shots for ground-up beats, melodics and transitions.

Deep House Samples is available via:

Sound. Beatport

Sounds to Sample

Underground Funky Minimal

Underground Funky Minimal

Release Info:

Underground Funky Minimal is the first official sample pack release from Spf Samplers with over 300 funk filled loops and 253 production ready one shots totalling 450+MB’s.

Each loop is tailor made for the underground dance floor, giving you the sonic elements that bed right into your productions, which allows you more time to be creative and less time thinking like a engineer.

What’s in this collection?

  • Beat Loops– 78 minimal fuelled loops with lots of warmth and organic originality. Each loop features both full and stripped down versions.
  • Bass Loops– 27 deep subby basslines, that will shake your speakers as well as every club.
  • Music Loops– 23 soul filled music loops, that have a very original organic warmth to them. Allow you to add those little human elements to your minimal.
  • Synth Loops- 25 unusual weird stabs and blip lines that are both glitched out and funked up. Each loop can carry any production adding that shine and production quality needed in modern day electronic music.
  • Top Loops- 118  groovy tech fuelled top loops that will  rock anyone’s eardrums. With plenty of bleeps and clicks, as well as analogue carved hits. Allow you the maximum sonic palate.
  • Extra Percussion- 41, we have also thrown in 41 extra percussion loops.  Each loop adds that needed drive and groove which every track is longs for.
  • FX Loops- 15, this will help add that extra weirdness to your productions helping them stand out from the rest.
  • Drum Hits- 253 in total, 25 kicks, 21 Snare/claps, 46 Hihats, 93 percussion hits, 33 FX one shots and 29 extra one shots. This huge amount of one shots allows you to create your own beats from scratch.


All loops and tempo synced at 127BPM and are keyed where necessary. Each Loop and hit is recorded at 24bit Wav.

You can buy through our SPF Label one Sounds to Sample


Dubstep 2

This weeks collection sees SPF Samplers go back to some nice low rumbling dupstep. With heavy crunchy beats, deep ball busting basslines and some nice organic lush music and synth loops thrown in for good measure.

All loops and key and tempo (140BPM) labeled to make it easy for you to quickly put a track together.

Each sample is 24Bit and processed through high end gear. To ensure the best quality for the customer.


This pack contains:

17 Drum Loops, with full, stripped and top (kick free) versions.

9 Bass Loops

8 Music/Synth Loops

15 Hits


Gritty Dubstep

The new release from SPF Samplers sees a brand new pack filled gritty down right nasty beats and deep gut busting basslines. Also added in are some lush, organic music loops that are sure to get your production juices flowing.

All loops and key and tempo (140BPM) labeled to make it easy for you to quickly put a track together.

Each sample is 24Bit and processed through high end gear. To ensure the best quality for the customer.

About The Engineer:

“Moniker” is the alias of Darin Leach (Independent Producer, Audio Engineer). After spending 4 years in the United States Marine corps Darin attended the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California where he completed the Audio Engineering Course and the Independent Artist Program. Since then his work has been featured in episodes of America’s Best Dance Crew and LXD (League of Extraordinary Dancers), among others. He has also worked at respected studios such as “Nightbird studios” and “District 78 studios”. Currently he works as an Engineer for the renowned and innovative audio technology company “Audionamix” while continuing his creative pursuits as an electronic music producer. To hear more of Darin’s work please visit.



Underground Minimal

Stripped late-night rhythms, glitched percs, throbbing basslines, dark synths and a super-sized collection of tight and punchy synthetic drums for minimal and techno producers.

Designed with total creative flexibility in mind, all 113 loops are custom-built to slot together seamlessly for optimum inspiration – mix and match elements to create a near infinite number of smouldering minimal grooves.

The collection breaks down into 51 drum loops (including stripped, top-only, kick-only and perc-only variants), 14 basslines, 48 music/synth loops (some with effected variants) and a bountiful collection of 319 one-shots (including fx, kick, snare, hats, perc and random).

Each 2-bar loops is tempo-labeled at 128bpm for complete production convenience.

All loops and one-shots are presented in pristine 24-bit Wav quality.


The new release from SPF Samplers sees a brand new pack file with techno goodies to help you survive through the cold weather.
Everything in the pack is suited to driving techno, with heavy kicks, rolling percussion and gritting ride runs. This will insure you hit the dance floor hard.

Each sample is 24Bit and processed through high end gear. To ensure the best quality for the customer.