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Monster Drum Hits


There are over 500 carefully sculpted drum hits inside Spf Samplers newest sample pack Monster Drum Hits. The sample pack is perfectly designed to allow you to quickly load the sounds into your sampler and start constructing beats with out the hassle of creating your own drum hits.

The Monster Drum Hits sample pack is perfect for any sub genre of House & Techno. The 500+ drum hits are broken down into 57 claps, 24 crash cymbals, 114 Hi-hats, 161 percussion hits, 15 ride cymbals and 71 snares. So as you can see this will be the only drum hits sample pack you will ever need.

Please note the music and bass loops come from Spf Samplers sample packs Underground Techno and Deep House 3


  1. spunkfacesamplers


    Future Music Magazine: 7/10

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