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200 Claps & Snares


For this months sample pack we have dug deep into the Spf Samples archives to find the most awe-inspiring recordings from a vast array of drum machines and field recordings.

Our studio boffins have spent numerous hours chopping and merging these recordings to bring you some truly momentous clap and snare hits. From this painstaking work you will get every sort of hit you would ever want, from some well renowned 808 & 909 claps to some more outlandish hits that utilise the extensive amount of field recordings.

Each hit has been processed through a Neve console utilising its prodigious onboard EQ’s and Compressors. This gives each hit a colossal analog sound.

Included in the sample pack are 100 clap hits and 100 snare hits. These hits are perfect for techno, tech house, house, minimal, deep house and many more genres.

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