Organic Minimal House Sample Pack

SPF Samplers presets its brand new free sample pack Organic Minimal House.  The house sample pack is full of a lush array of organic beats, deep basses and soul infused music loops.

The minimal house sample pack has everything you need to produce a minimal house, deep tech, minimal techno and techno. Organic Minimal House has so much warmth and depth which will add a new harmonic layer to your productions

If you like what your hear from the free Organic Minimal House sample pack you should download Spf Samplers full sample pack Organic Minimal House. Which is totalling 434  loops and hits.

Each sample is 24Bit and processed through high-end gear. To ensure the best quality for the customer.

Download Here.

13 thoughts on “Organic Minimal House Sample Pack

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  3. Nick says:

    Hey – Incredible sounds. Excellent job!!! There’s a lot of rubbish cropping up in the sample pack area. Good to see a new high quality provider in play, I’ll be adding you to the limited list of sample companies I buy from. Don’t suppose you could drop in a few tutorials on your you tube page showcasing how you get some of your sounds. Cheers. Nick

  4. JohnDawson says:

    Hey man love the organic pack you’ve posted have I cannot stress how helpful it was for me. If people have time check up the samples I’m posting and tell me what you think. Cheers!

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