505 Deep House Drums

505 deep house sample pack

Having finally won myself a Roland 505 drum machine (modded at that) of Ebay. I have decided to share my first jams with the world. This is a deep house sample pack which is full of groove and warmth ( the warmth is provided with the Neve 8816). 505 Deep House Drums provided you with everything you need for the foundations of a grooving deep house or tech house track.

Everything in the 505 Deep House Drums sample pack is processed through the Universal Audio plug ins and 710 pre amp. Everything was then run through the Neve 8816 summing amp to add width, space and warmth.

Every loop is this deep house sample pack is provided with a full and top version of the loop. Also every loop is labeled with the correct tempo allowing the drum loops to slip easily into any production.


Download Here.

10 thoughts on “505 Deep House Drums

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  4. pilzy says:

    Whilst a face full of spunk has never been desirable for me, Spunkface most certainly is! Another belter of pack and at everyone`s faves price.
    May God bless and watch over you and yours always Sir.
    Thank You. =)

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