FL Studio Review of Rootstep

Spf Samplers sample pack Rootstep has just been reviewed by FL Studio Music… so here is what they have to say.

Spunkfance Samplers released Rootstep, a commercial pack featuring 385 loops for reggae, dub and dubstep plus a bonus of one shot drum hits, all in 24 Bit WAV format. It consists of deep wobble basses, lush melodic synth lines, heavy beats, dubbed out guitar and keys parts. The total size is 385 (566.4 MB unzipped).

Rootstep by SPF Samplers

The pack is created by Dubsalon, a talented producer with 140 heart beats per minute. Judging this pack, is clear that he knows well his job. All samples are built with that human factor needed in today’s music: feel.

The pack is split into 6 folders:

  • Bass loops;
  • Drums;
  • FX;
  • Hits;
  • Keys and guitars;
  • Synths.

Bass loops folder contains dread basses and wobble basses; choose between subsonic low basses and house shakin’ wobbles. The drums section gives total control: you have the choice of using the full loops as well top and stripped variations, all with the regular dub delay, reverbed snares, ambiance.

The FX folder is split into atmospheres, drops, echo’s and vox shots. I love the drops: panned echoes, guitar stabs, drum rolls, brass hits and more. Perfect for breaks and accents.
The keys and guitars are fantastic: pure reggae! 4 step wah guitars, rhodes and pianos, humanized and authentic. Drop them into the mix and everything changes.

The synths  folder is the experimental side in this pack. Split into two categories- phrases and synth loops, it comes with melodic plucks, delayed synths, rich sounding pads. A perfect starting point in your productions. All loops in this pack are at 140 BPM.

One shots drum samples are tools for creating your own beats from scratch. Or you can use them to add some more variations to the existing drum loops offfered in this pack.

Overall, I appreciate this pack, especially for its melodic direction, the build quality and for the authentic feel. Personally, I found a great use for the keys and guitars, drum loops and synths in my pop productions.
Congratz Dubsalon and SPF Samplers for such a great sample pack!

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