Essential Food & Drink For The Studio

Our Nutritious Guide For The Creative Mind


Whether you’re forking out a fair amount of cash for a slick recording studio session, or simply using your own studio set-up at home, the studio is where the creative flair and magic begins to blossom.


Feeling alert and creative in the studio is essential to ensure you make the most of your session. Having the wrong attitude in the studio, or just feeling lethargic can have a huge impact on your creativity. Here we discover the best food and drink to have during your studio time to help your mind and encourage creativity.

Feeding Creativity

Essential Food & Drink For The Studio

Carbohydrates are very important to ensure you have the right energy for a studio session, especially if you are planning a long shift. Carbs are essentially fuel for the brain, releasing a steady supply of energy regularly.  Our top recommendation is eating plenty of whole grain foods, because they break down slowly providing you with a steady supply of fuel for long periods. Examples are Whole meal bread, brown rice, oats and corn.

Essential Food & Drink For The Studio

Antioxidants like those found in fruits and vegetables help to generate a fighting power to keep your creative impulses firing at top speed. Blueberries are considered to be the most powerful to establish a fresh creative mind. Fruit snack and smoothies are a perfect fix to enhance a creative mind.

Essential Food & Drink For The Studio

Green tea is excellent fuel for the brain. Reports suggest people who drink Green Tea regularly appear mentally more youthful. This is great news for music producers, especially those who often stay up until the early hours finishing off a track. The caffeine in Green Tea will also help to boost concentration levels providing you drink it in moderation.

Essential Food & Drink For The Studio

Sugar (good sugar) can play a huge role in keeping you alert by boosting your concentration levels. Unfortunately this does not mean putting 2 huge dumps of white powdered sugar in your tea. We are talking about healthy sugar found in fruit such as oranges, blueberries, apple and pineapple. Eating fruit will ensure you get your glucose and antioxidants fix for the studio.


A good eating plan is almost certain to enhance a creative mind, stick with our advice to ensure you maximize creativity in the studio.



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