Organic Minimal House Samples

Organic Minimal House Samples features deep, mellow keys which are seamlessly merged with organic melodic loops and heavy house beats creating a well defined unique Organic House sample pack.

Organic Minimal House Samples gives you everything you want from a house sample pack with that little bit extra thrown in for good measure. It really gives you that true analogue warmth and vintages textures that ever track craves.

Totaling 434 (404mb unzipped) loops and hits, Organic Minimal House Samples delivers the all-important tools needed to produce the underground house sound.


What’s in this collection?

Beat Loops- 108 organically lush beats that get you in the groove right from the start, with clap, cymbal and percussion variations, perfect for organic house.

Bass Loops- 25 sub heavy bass loop that will shake any dancefloor

Combined- 25 loops sculpted to be slotted into any production or set. Each loop will give you a instant flavour.

Melodic- filled with deep chords, quirky synth lines and outlandish keys. Totally 23 loops, this folder is sure to give you the inspiration you need.

SFX & Vocals-23 bizarre out of this world hits and loops. That can add that extra element to your tracks.

Drum Hits- 211 in total, 25 kicks, 25 Snare/claps, 34 Hihats, 81 percussion hits, 25 Bass Hits, 21 Melodic 25 FX one shots. This huge amount of one shots allows you to create your own beats from scratch.

All loops and tempo synced at 125BPM and are keyed where necessary. Each Loop and hit is recorded at 24bit Wav.


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